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Frank Myers Backstage Nashville hit songwriter

Songs written by Frank Myers include:

  • "I Swear" - John Michael Montgomery and All-4-One

  • "Tomorrow" – Chris Young

  • "I'm Already There" – Lonestar

  • "My Front Porch Looking In" - Lonestar

  • "You And I" - Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle

  • "Once In A Lifetime" - Alabama

  • "I Got Mexico" - Eddy Raven

About Frank Myers:

You’ve enjoyed the hits for years….songs like "You And I," "Sometimes A Lady," "Once Upon A Lifetime," "I Swear," "I’m Already There" and "My Front Porch Looking In" to name but a few. Frank Myers has written great songs for artists as diverse as Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle, Alabama, Lonestar, All For One and Kenny Loggins. Now, for the first time, you can hear Frank’s own take on the songs that have made him known as one of our finest songwriters. As Frank says “I always resisted doing one because I know I’m not a great singer. But with that being said, I came to realize, when I perform at different functions that the people didn’t really care; they just want to hear the writer sing their songs. So with a lot of encouragement from different people I decided to put together a Scrapbook of hits that I’ve been blessed with over the years.”

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