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Matt King Backstage Nashville

Songs written by Matt King include:

  • "Barfly" - Heidi Newfield

  • "Temporary Fix (For A Permanent Scar)" - Heidi Newfield

  • "Mine To Lose" - Wade Hayes

  • "Zeke's Wheel" - Burrito Brothers Reunion

  • "American Dream" - Matt King

  • "Cursing The Ohio" - Matt King

  • "Shany Town" - Matt King

  • "Hell's Kitchen" - Matt King

About Matt King:

"Matt King writes and sings songs that are so achingly true to life that they make you want to cry, or ball up your fists, or burn something down. He writes and sings not in silly cliches about a South that no longer is, but about the scourges of my modern South, about meth and layoffs and men and women grabbing for their last hope. And somehow it makes it a joy to hear"- Rick Bragg, Author of Ava's Man and All Over But The Shouting.


"The old post smiled on Matt King as well as the legendary blues saints so you got one badass walking cool songwriting and guitar playing mother's son who got the solid goods..." - Ray Wylie Hubbard

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Matt King Backstage Nashville
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