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Monty Holmes Nashville Country Music Hit Songwriter at Backstage Nashville

Songs written by Monty Holmes include:

  • "Troubadour" - George Strait

  • "Never Again, Again" - Lee Ann Womack

  • "When Did You Stop Loving Me" - George Strait

  • "I Know She Still Loves Me" - George Strait

  • "House Of Cash" - George Strait

  • "What I Do the Best" - John Michael Montgomery

  • "Drink Myself Single" - Sunny Sweeney

  • "Missin' You Crazy" - Jon Pardi

  • "If I Built You a Fire" - Neal McCoy

About Monty Holmes:

"I'm gonna keep doing this until they run me off!" says Monty Holmes.  After 25 years of writing country music in Nashville, running Monty off doesn't seem very likely. Monty's love of traditional country music was first instilled in him as a child growing up in Lubbock, Texas. With a rich musical history, Lubbock provided a nurturing environment for young Monty. His grandfather (who played fiddle, guitar, and piano) exposed him to a great record collection and artists like Jimmie Rodgers and Hank Williams. Half asleep in the back seat of a green Ford Torino, somewhere between Lubbock and Louisiana, an 18 year-old Monty heard the voice of Merle Haggard on the radio. Then and there, he decided country music would be his life's work. From Ray Price to the Rolling 
Stones, Holmes songs reflect his varied musical influences. As a young adult, Holmes formed a band and moved to Austin, where he recorded the song “In the Arms of a Beautiful Woman” and earned a Texas radio hit. 

In 1983, Monty took the plunge and moved to Nashville. There he took a job as a respiratory 
therapist to pay the bills, but he also worked diligently as a staff writer and singer on demo recordings. Through his demo work, Holmes quickly gained a reputation for his voice, but it was songwriting that he really loved. Throughout the years, Monty has worked with and learned from the best: Whitey Shafer, Hank Cochran, Glenn Martin, Don Sampson, Donnie Kees, Tony Mullins, Gerry House, Kent Blazy, Leslie Satcher, Scotty Emerick, Brice Long, Al Anderson, Jon Randall, Norro Wilson, Wynn Varble, Buddy Cannon, and Shane Minor to name a few. Monty has been a staff writer for country music institutions Acuff-Rose Publishing Company, Combine Music, and Malaco/Peer Music. 

Holmes has penned several hit songs for George Strait, including the chart topper “I Know She Still Loves Me,” the top five “When Did You Stop Loving Me,” and the Grammy nominated “Troubadour” and “House of Cash” from the Grammy award winning Album of the Year. Monty co-wrote Lee Ann Womack's debut single, “Never Again, Again,” as well as “What I Do the Best” for John Michael Montgomery. He has had cuts by Clay Walker, Neal McCoy, Lane Turner, Laura Bryna, the legendary Johnny Bush and George Jones. Holmes is currently an ASCAP writer, but is a multiple BMI “million-air”-an honor for writers of songs with over 1 million broadcast performances. Monty is now signed with EMI Music Publishing, one of the largest publishing companies in the world.

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