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New North Backstage Nashville discovery songwriter
New North Backstage Nashville

NEW NORTH is a crossroads of musical influences. Krista Marie is the NEW hailing from New York and Damien Horne adds the NORTH from his home state of North Carolina. They've joined forces to encourage and uplift others with their music. When not performing, Krista can be found on her farm tending to animals and Damien is most likely delivering a motivational speech. It's true that Damien can beatbox with the best of them, but wait until you hear Krista bust out an opera tune.  When they join forces ... that's when the magic happens.

What makes them come together is their desire to spread a positive message through song. Both songwriters who aspire to inspire; to sing stories that people can relate to going through the ups and downs of everyday life. Their music just makes you feel good and brightens the darkest of days.  If you're lucky enough to find yourself at a New North show ... get ready to be entertained. Krista and Damien are a dynamic duo. Have you ever heard a three-part harmony with a flute? You will. And can you imagine hearing Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson songs back-to-back? It happens. A New North show keeps your attention and makes you forget about what your worry was before you walked in the door.

New North's musical roots are undeniably country music, but you're sure to hear a lil' bit of this, and a lil' bit of that in their eclectic performances. The message of the music is most important to Damien and Krista, and the style of the song develops organically regardless of genre; they understand the universal language of music.


Krista and Damien were two-thirds of the high energy country act THE FARM with longtime friend Nick Hoffman; scoring a hit with their debut single "Home Sweet Home".  Both road veterans and major label recording artists, Damien and Krista have toured extensively. They've been able to perform across America and Canada, internationally in Australia and Europe, as well as for the Military stationed overseas.


Having previously released an Acoustic EP, their full-length album is scheduled for release later this year. Their first single "Mama" released in 2018.   If you consider yourself a music lover, keep an eye on NEW NORTH. Krista and Damien are excited to hit the road and share an incredible night of music with you. Be prepared for #TheGoodLife.

Listen to New North:

  • "Don't You Wanna Stay" - Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

  • "Over" - Blake Shelton

  • "If I Didn't Have You" - Thompson Square

  • "I Got You" - Thompson Square

  • "Love Who You Love" - Rascal Flatts

  • "Sunny and 75" - Joe Nichols

  • "Who I Am When I'm With You" - Chris Young

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